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Rev. Rose Fier, RMT, RM 

aka Loving Two Spirit

Reiki EnergetiX LLC was formed from a deep healing journey of Rev. Rose Fier, RMT, RM.   Rose grew up on several acres of land  surrounded by a flowing stream & river.   Much mystery and magick  within the land even though still within town.   The land was filled with trees and small wild life.  Generations of love for land and gardening was in here essence.   As a child she grew up having access to hundreds of acres of land and mysterious adventures.  Rose's  mother told her of stories of how her grandmother had special braces made for her to walk proper as a young baby.  Rose's Grandmother of her Father's side was a nurse and a magickal soul who stood in her goddess power.  A gift  her grandmother passed down to Rose despite her very early transition due to long battle with cancer.  Later in life Rose discovered a brief journal from her grandmother during the battle that was filled with hope, courage, compassion and plant spirit medicine magick.  Despite the messages of that  powerful journal  and the love of nature that thrived deep within Rose she had personal darkness within she to  battled.  Through Rose's teen yrs and much of her mid adult life she dealt with sever depression.  It was the deep love of nature, her many years of training in metaphysical healing and working one on one with a Native American that adopted her and others spiritually that lead her through some very dark times.  Rose learned to not only survive but learned how to thrive! Today Rose shares this pure love, joy  and wisdom with others to also assist them to find the same internal peace. 


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Why we started Reiki EnergetiX LLC

 We love our TRIBE & creating safe place for all!

"Come out of the circle of time and into 

the circle of Love" - RUMI

Rev. Rose Fier, RMT, RM learned the importance very early on in her healing journey and her goal is to continue to create such a space for all.  Where all are welcomed, loved and seen.  Thank you for being part of a TRIBE that can choose to create such a lovng space for all.


We are fully aware many in the LGBTQ still feel unsafe and unloved.  The Judgments against them or any group must stop.  We are a safe place for all.   Let us release all the label that separate and unite in oneness.  May all truly be able to "ENJOY BEING".